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Bev C Runway Collection


Bev C

Own Your Style Or Stay Naked

Bev C, a clothing label with original designs since 2013. Bev C begins from various aspects in producing every piece of clothing, be it sketching the designs from scratch, curating and finalizing with material selection, to the completion of a design piece, Bev C ensures that every detail is carefully put together into a masterpiece.

You can also find selected Malaysian talented designer brands in the store, such as KOZO/ Justin Chew/ Jimmy Lim/ Cassey Gan/ Biji-Biji.

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Bev C Cafe - Rather than being just a fashion label, Bev C doubles up as a café, providing a space for creativity to be expressed through fashion design together with beverage crafting.

Believing in Bev C philosophy of 'Seeking your own style’ rather than cultivating a culture of 'Following the trend blindly', the label is driven to inspire growing style communities to shape their own fashion sense.