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Bev C clothing brand

Reversible Wear Half Cut Coat

Reversible Wear Half Cut Coat

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Reversible Wear Half Coat, a BEV C Sustainable Line made from the reconstructed coat.


Inspired by the everyday numbness towards life, BEV C #08IMAGINETHAT collection aims to illustrate the idea of numbness within society and everyday life. 

This collection is uniquely designed in order to have the garment worn in multiple ways. This does not just break the norm and numb in everyday wearables, but also add value, creativity, and fun into our life.

BEV C #08IMAGINETHAT collection featuring sustainable collection, using fashion waste fabric to reconstruct, reuse and reimagine the different possibilities that we could present in fabrics. 

This collection was highlighted on Vogue Italia Talents and Paris Fashion Week.






Shoulder 47cm Bust 84cm
Waist - Hip -
Length 34cm Sleeves 44cm


Female Model Size

 Height  173 cm 
 Weight  50 kg




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