Miun x Bev C - Oyster "V"agina T-shirt

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Sex is a sensitive topic in our society and it's a taboo to discuss openly, but what if we expressed them through fashion and art.

A bridge between the Fashion and Art, Bev C a clothing brand described as “monochromatic with a strong focus on the minimalist look with hints of the androgynous bend”, collaborates with artist Miun. 

As part of her initiative to reuse the leftovers from previous projects, Miun utilized the shapes formed in the chemicals of the expired Polaroid films and dreams up the AtoZ of sex for her upcoming zine.

The collaboration between Bev C and Miun further explores 3 out of 26 letters in the project – ‘B’reast, ‘P’enis and ‘V’agina, and it manifested through fashion with art, telling the stories of sex in a unique way that encourages people to share their opinions differently.


Measurements (in cm)

Size 01

Length 73cm
Chest 58cm
Sleeve 25cm
Shoulder 50cm

Size 02

Length 84cm
Chest 60cm
Sleeve 28cm
Shoulder 58cm